Blade Runner drawn in Microsoft Paint


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I like his owl


A fully animated version of this, timed to the original audio (Final Cut) would be fantastic.


What?!?! I need to go out and buy another copy of Blade Runner now?


It’s been out for a while, and yes, it is the best cut yet.


Is it real?


And when David MacGowan is done there’ll be another

It’s Blade Runners all the way down.


This belongs as an animated series on Adult Swim.

I want to see classic films condensed, animated in MS paint or Squiggle Vision, and voiced by the cast of Dr. Katz.


It’s artificial?


You seem to feel our work is not a Benefit?


I’ve always enjoyed crappy MS Paint versions of things, so this is totally right up my alley.


Windows bundled programs are like any other software. They’re either a benefit or a hazard. If they’re a benefit, it’s not my problem.


Is this to be an Effeciancy test? Drive access times? Ram useage. Garbage collection and clearing cache?




We call it Nagios for short.


This thread is bringing me the serious LOL. God I’m a dork. :wink:


This would be way more awesome if I could navigate it properly, prev / next style. Tumblr is godawful for this…


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