How to boost your vocabulary and triple your reading speed

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There is absolutely no way for me to ever triple my reading speed, or even increase my pathetic typing speed, due to mild dyslexia. Vocabulary – maybe…

But… once my vocabulary is tripled, I still have the lifetime subscription?

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I can’t object to anyone wanting to embiggen their vocabulary but I’d prefer to read carefully than fast in many cases.


Wasn’t speed reading thoroughly debunked?

Throw in selectively, as well. So much junk out there and I have no qualms about abandoning something that turns out to be junk, or starts out good and then bores me.

My mother-in-law, now almost 70, swears by it. She says it made a huge difference for her in college.

That being said, YouTube is full of speed-reading courses. Not sure why you’d want to drop $29 for it.

Were my vocabulary any more prodigious, I reckon I’d be unintelligible.

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No, that was reading on speed.

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