How to break a chatbot


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Bobby Tables approves.


(Oh, {crap|great}! Now you’ve broken {I|me}!)


I was half-expecting it to start singing “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true…”


“Accidentally.” The code and the “oops” are back to back. Must have been a real fast “oops.”


Wait a second, that bot looks like it is going to try and engage yo in a video chat. Is it just to get you to sign up for service so they collect sign up fees or does this chat go somewhere dark like nudie videos for blackmail?


Chatbot? More like a LIEBOT!


Maybe it was two messages back to back. I know some IM software will merge it into one message, does Skype do that too?


Sorry to disappoint but, he didn’t “break” the chatbot. It was just an inept, buggy chatbot. Later in the thread, a different user describes an interaction with the chatbot who did not submit code to the bot and got the same buggy chat interaction.


Can anyone confirm whether Verizon uses bots to compose their customer support email replies?


The braces and pipe syntax is also used by spammers to generate pseudo-unique comment spam and blog posts. You can actually commission offshore content farms to produce content in that way, and there are even thesaurus-based programs for taking regular text and generating it by adding synonyms. It’s called spintax, because it’s used to “spin” new content.


“He broke the President!”


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