How to build a grass hut


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From the interview: He gets shit done, and he doesn’t talk about it.



What if we have a neighbor with considerable lung capacity who insists on being let in?


I had one like this, but it collapsed under the weight of my antique toilet collection in the attic. I should have realized that people in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.


Sometimes you just don’t have seven days to build a grass hut.


Step 1) Live somewhere that doesn’t have winter…


They cane lawyers in Australia? Who knew?



Stock antihistamines.



Well, I suppose that depends on the follicular lushness of one’s chinny-chin-chin.


Rich friends are always the answer :slight_smile:



“This project took 7 days to make.”


I’ll be honest, I had hoped this article was going to be about…something else.


reconstruction of a British Iron Age Celtic roundhouse.
Roundhouses were the standard form of housing built in Britain from the Bronze Age throughout the Iron Age, and in some areas well into the Sub Roman period. They used walls made either of stone or of wooden posts joined by wattle-and-daub panels and a conical thatched roof and ranged in size from less than 5m in diameter to over 15m. The Atlantic roundhouse, Broch and Wheelhouse styles were used in Scotland. The remains of many Bronze Age roundhouses can still be found scattered across open heathland, such as Dartmoor, as stone ‘hut circles’.


I love a good how-to video (and have occasionally been saved by a YouTube example), but this was especially enjoyable. And if wasn’t until it was half-way through that I realised it was virtually silent and had no narration.

If there isn’t already a genre of non-narrated how-to videos, there should be.


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