How to build a lunar base today!


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Why bother? There’s nobody there to oppress.


I visited a lunar base just recently, it was a great, but lacked some atmosphere.


I liked your post because of your good memes, but I want you to know I’m ashamed of it.


We meet tomorrow night [Papasan’s Drinking Your Problems Away school for wayward boys & girls] at the corner of walk and don’t walk, be there or be square.


“and in phase three, private contractors arrive, looking to get rich off of the moon’s resources…”

And that’s how you get EVE online, folks. Corporate power, light years from any governmental authority, sucking up resources at exponential rates and leaving nothing behind.
It’s like these people learn nothing from history.


I’m sure we will find one, it’s just a matter of time.


I’m an old, white accountant. I can’t get more square.





This is the same kind of logic that L-5 wants to believe will create cities in space. If you forget every advancement made in robotics and remote sensing in the last 60 years, it almost sorta makes sense…

Calling it a plan B in case something goes wrong on this planet, has got it entirely backwards. There is no replacing Earth, Interstellar will never happen. The real breakthroughs toward sustainability don’t require inspiration from the moon, we have what we need to solve these problems right now.

If people could be educated to understand that we have been to the moon (and why) then people can learn about global warming. A moon base ain’t gonna happen when so many people doubt those things.


A very entertaining read.


It would be too expensive so it doesn’t make a sense.

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