How to calculate the power of a black hole collision

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Just a matter of time until someone manage to turn it into a bomb.

Many fond memories of Cygnus X - full moon in the desert hard trance blaring off the mountains various chemicals and love flowing thru the clouds of dust and dirt…wait what we’re we talking about?

ETA: Cygnus X (music group)

I see what you did there!

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I’d love to see a timeline for this! How slow the wandering is and how fast the “holy shit I’m being sucked into that black hole” is. Perhaps in a kinda Bugs bunny way where the Black Hole shows an impression of the star with arms outstretched and legs akimbo.

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Too bad that illustration doesnt take into account all the weird optical artifacts that occur at the event horizon, no, two intersecting event horizons!
Eg, more like this:
(uh, without the lightyear-long, gravity-independent text annotations)

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