How to change people’s minds on social issues with "deep canvassing"


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OK formatting gripe here…why is this sponsored post so looong? Can’t you keep the sponsor’s info on the front and have a ‘continued’ for the bios and links?


The first step to changing my mind about something - don’t knock on my door. If that’s where you try to reach me, you won’t make any headway. Also, don’t carry a clipboard. Don’t approach me in the street or outside of a building. I also don’t like phone calls.

You know what? Just post to Reddit and make sure it’s on the first page.


Wait, is this an update to a past issue? I thought that the original study on this turned out to be heavily flawed with one of the people in charge fudging the data badly?

I hope this is an update with a new study.

I will have to listen later, but I bet the answer is “it helps”. The first step, I think, in over coming bias against what ever, gun owners, gays, Mexican clowns, etc - is to interact with one of those people (er, maybe I should say a “normal” one? That sounds bad but you know what I mean.) and see how they aren’t usually the caricature you have in your head.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but while I have heard stories of being ostracized by family for being gay, I have also heard of stories where all or part of the family changes their tune once they learn a beloved cousin, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle, etc is gay.


From the article:

You’re right. :wink:

But again this episode is old, from nearly six weeks ago.


Years of spamming by Jehova’s Witnesses, magazine sellers, greenpeace, solar pitchmen, and other assorted do-gooders ensure I will not be answering the door, much less discussing personal matters with random strangers.


Volunteer’s go door-to-door



This is an invasion of peoples’ peace and privacy. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in favor of the agenda of person xyz: stay off my doorstep.


Now that pot is legal in my state, the primary benefit for me is that the disheveled clipboard holders no longer knock on my door to ask for funds to help get legalization on the next ballot.


I’ve moved the sofa in front of the door.


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Considering that I’ve seen this complaint pop up more frequently over the last couple of months (I whined about it yesterday or the day before, IIRC) and it appears to have become more frequent my guess is that either money is involved or our hosts really don’t give a fuck about the viewing pleasure of people who use blog view.


I refuse to believe there are people who don’t use blog view.


I just found out what blog view was because of your comment.



Wait, there’s an actual website?

I thought that this place was just a bbs.


It used to have a pretty sweet blog attached. I think the author used to be a fantasy writer or something.


They never visit me. I must be on some sort of blacklist.

I think it might be the attempts to convert them to obscure Christian heresies.


Sympathies. They we’re also remarkably reluctant to drink my kool-aid…


Yeah, I just found that due to your post. Tried it, but didn’t like it. To each their own, of course.


I should carry a crowbar, use it to enter your home, and accost you there?