How to cook and eat a gourmet meal in Antarctica

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Sometimes I like to imagine a world in which this was the front page news article of the day.


Wait . . . why is there an astrobiologist in Antarctica? Did they find a lost city of strange cyclopean architecture, where the frigid wind whistles through eldrich columns, howling its maddening susurrations into the night sky of too many stars? I think you buried the lede here!

Buried it, as the dead are buried, and those things more horrible than the dead, those things which dream and are best forgotten, lest their slow shuffling gait return to the soil of this their usurped planet . . .

(The attempt at scrambled eggs was really nifty)


Antarctica strikes me as a beautiful place I never, ever want to visit.


Rule one:
Don’t eat yellow snow…

or lick that strange yellow icicle???

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reminds me of the cream bun/cake syndrome
it wants to climb all over your face instead of in your mouth

Shouldn’t the title be “How to cook and NOT eat a gourmet meal in Antarctica”?

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Never mind the food… omg that gorgeous aurora!

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A quietly entertaining read.

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I know a guy who stayed there for a year. He told stories which stick to your mind like that Nutella to the plate.

He told me that just before he arrived, Concordia station decommissioned the toilets which worked by combustion. He explained that due to the Antarctic treaty, everything you bring to Antarctica has to be transported back from Antarctica. He also told me this has already been impossible with the combustion toilets, but nowadays they were deep in shit, so to say.

He also showed me pics of people bathing outdoors, in a heated water basing belonging to the AC system. And pics of their food. And of a video call to the people who were the nearest human beings at the time: the ISS crew. And many more stories.

Also, he shot the most amazing photos of the sky.


:notes:I had quiche Lorraine in Antarctica :notes:


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“Draußen gibt’s nur Kännchen.”

Come to think of it, didn’t @nixiebunny spend some time in Antarctica not so long ago? Not at this station, though, IIRC.

I spent a month at the South Pole, where there are amazing cooks who turn boxes of frozen potato bits (stored on the outside loading dock ‘freezer’) into gourmet dinners. We had lobster and duck for Christmas dinner.


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