How to cut heavy duty string with your hand


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Oh Snap!


Oh man, double gif hurts my brain.


I think this guy needs to re-read the directions on that auto-erotic asphyxiation site…


This guy’s a dick to his friends.


Cut string with my hand? No thanks – I’ve managed the reverse a few too many times.

My method for cutting string with my hand involves the hand holding a blade.


I’d appreciate names and addresses of people who would bet 20 bucks on this. I am not above doing this for a living.


This guy’s other videos, on construction, blacksmithing and the like, are all very informative and to the point. Recommended.


If I decline to take the bet, because I suspect I’d lose, does this mean I don’t have to help out now?


This technique was shown to me in high school by a friend also working at a christmas tree lot - but I carry a knife, so after trying a couple times (yes, some pain is involved) I stuck with the Victorinox.


Turn your head 90° and it’s like one of those 3d-stereo-scopic-coming-right-at-you-things


This makes me want to run out to the hardware store. Hopefully the employees will be so impressed by the trick they won’t be mad I just shortened all their spools of string by four feet and then walked out.


Learn how to be a man (also for women).


I’m not sure I follow. Can you clarify?


The hard part of learning how to be a man is there is so much unlearning to do.


Penes. The word you’re looking for is penes.


this is such a cool video, - thanks for sharing it. we are losing so much knowledge daily, as no one works with their hands much anymore… so cool.



Red Green could do it with a roll of duct tape.


Red Green could do it anything with a roll of duct tape.

FTFY. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: