Make wooden pliers with 10 cuts from a single block of wood



Quantum Entanglement Theory will soon prove the psychic link between this and Fractal Terrain Generation in 130 lines of Javascript


The museum is jaw-dropping. Really worth checking out if you’re in Ohio. I still have my souvenir pliers just like the ones he made in the vid.


Anyone know where to get a knife like the one he’s using here? I checked on the Warther Cutlery website but don’t see it there.

Must have…

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A few packages of band-aids? What a small price to pay for a pair of wooden pliers!

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Here’s the start of a fractal pair of pliers, folding into a full rectangle:

White pine? circa 1950


“Visit the Warther Family”!!! He dox’d himself!


I love the knife that his father designed and made; anyone know a good source for a knife like that? All of my pocketknives have much longer blades.

/me vacillating between feeling awe-inspired or humbled.


Maybe here?

Not cheap, but probably good quality.

Stop. Cutting. Toward. Your. Hand!

I get the feeling that he knows this rule and has developed a sense of which cuts towards are acceptable and which are not. I suppose you’d tell Alex Honnold to use a belay?


Or here:

(they’ve got good sales periodically)

Or here:

(probably one of my favorite woodworking places to visit)


I’m assuming that that was once a much larger blade that was reground into a tiny carving knife. Pretty easy to do with the right tools, and provided that you’re really careful to not heat things up too much and blow the existing heat treat/temper of the steel.

There are a ton of custom knife makers that do, well, custom work, but it tends to be quite pricey as you’re paying a very skilled craftsman to make something that takes many many hours to design and make a single unit.

If you’re interested in either of the above, pm me, and I’ll give you more info so as not to bore everyone else here with a public discussion.

Was this before or after the few packages of bandaids?

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When I was small, we visited the museum a few times. Dad bought my brother and me each a pair of the pliers, but my brother broke his. The son of Mr. Warther happened to be in the gift shop at the time, snagged one of the basswood plier ‘blanks’ from the display, and with a few deft cuts, recreated the pliers. He autographed them with a flourish and gave them to my brother. We still have them somewhere. Neat museum, neat family.

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Exactly. Flesh is really really soft compared to wood so the difference between a bandaid and a trip to the emergency room is maybe an ounce of pressure or a fraction of a second of reaction time. I’ve had tendon surgury due to doing some admittedly stupid shit with a non-locking folding knife and it left me with a rather visceral response to knife safety issues. Still, I’ve seen worse. Once I handed a trainee a razor blade to cut some hosing and stopped him just in the nick of time. Why? He was holding the sharp side against his finger and the dull side against the hose. Oops.

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