The worst knife reviewed

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I skipped around a bit, where does he review the faux gold Trump branding? This ‘knife’ sure is MAGA!


As someone who has had the same Target-brand knife for 15ish years, I’m kind of fascinated with knife culture. Seems like folks are willing to spend a lot to be able to not use scissors to open their Amazon boxes or… whatever task people need super-expensive knives to accomplish.


Awesome breakdown.

And that accent- I miss it.


That was hilarious. You could hear it breaking his mind in real time.


The phrase “fractal of suck” is going to be with me for the rest of my life.



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Even without reading the details you posted on the bad manufacture… i look one look at the blade and had a minor aneurysm. May Satan have mercy on the soul for whomever dreamed up that horror.


Why on earth would I want to look at a youtube review of anything? :thinking:

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Because how else will you know if your power tools is skookum or not?


Woody Allen finds work!


AvG is such a treat. Skookum indeed!


Yes everyone has a life and professional situation where the most strenuous thing they will ever do is open an Amazon box. Sissors will do them fine, and they never need to worry about off brand tools breaking in potentially dangerous ways. And having any more than the bare minimum interest in any subject is faintly hilarious. Collectors and enthusiasts of any stripe are simply wasting money. We should all be driving used Toyota Camries and wearing Wallmart jeans.

I’m just glad some one was finally brave enough to be dismissive about something outside their personal interests.



I love Spyderco knives. Having them catch on my seatbelt as I get out of the truck and get slung off into space at $50 a pop gets tiring real quick though. I’ve moved on to carrying either a Victorinox Swiss army knife in my pocket or this $5 Walmart special clip that I’m not afraid to lose.


I can’t help it - dad was from Brooklyn. It’s the ancestral homeland. Well, one of them.

Obviously, he ended up a Mets fan.


He’s Canadian, so I am assuming there are some translation issues.

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That’s weird. Ever since I got a CRKT with a clip, I haven’t lost my knife. I think once it some how came out of the pocket into the seat.

Maybe adjust where you clip it on? Or like the video showed, some knives poke out more than others.

I have a CRKT knife a friend gifted me, it’s nothing special but it does have sentimental value attached to it. I really like it for what it is but i really need to get it sharpened, i’ve just been too lazy to buy sharpeners or find someone to do that for me. Haven’t carried it in a few years because of that as it was pretty dull.

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It only happened with one particular type of Spyderco (Delica). I went through 4 of them, only to have them all mysteriously disappear. On another forum I frequent, someone mentioned that he had discovered that they were catching on his seat belt. The next day at work, my knife was gone again. When I went to get in the truck, there it was, hanging on the seat belt. This happened twice more including one time when it actually slung off into the parking lot and one of ladies I worked with brought it to me.

I’ve never had a problem with any other design of clip knife. But I’ve got better things to spend my money on, so I’ve switched over to old school pocket knives or very cheap clip knives, which I never seem to lose.

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“The suck just gets deeper”
“This whole knife screams: ‘I’ve made poor life decisions’.”