6 survival knives to give you the edge on any outdoor trip

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…cup of your own piss?


just carry 3 of these and you’ll be much happier. https://www.amazon.com/Morakniv-Craftline-Utility-Combi-Sheath-3-6-inch/dp/B0728J49TM


How good can those be if they don’t even look like katanas!?


A bunch of fashion statements masquerading as knives and a couple pieces of cheap-ass tacticool garbage no sane person would trust for anything serious. If you’re going to peddle stuff, BoingBoing, peddle stuff that will actually work


Which is the one MacGyver uses?


My everyday is a Swiss Army Knife. My occasional camper is a large foldable Gerber with a partial serrated edge. If I camped more I would probably go with a non-serrated Benchmade. I’ve been meaning to get a Opinel just to have it.

Once owned a $70+ partially serrated liner lock pocket knife, replaced it at least once when it disappeared, and decided that was silly. (and a bit frightening, to be honest)

Favorite ever since:

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I can not fault your logic here.


If only Amelia Earhart, George Mallory or Christopher McCandless had one of these “survival” knives. . . .


Surplus bayonet. $12 in a bin at any surplus store. Never feel guilty abusing the crap out of it. Buy another when it snaps.


My forty year old Schrade folding knife, about $20 back then, is knife enough. High carbon steel, not stainless. Too much knife for in town, it’s not a small knife. I might reevaluate if I lived in a rural area, or was going into the wilderness more frequently.

Most of the time, a tiny Swiss Army Knife on my keychain is knife enough. A small blade, but with no lock probably a blt safer, and it has scissors.

A lot of knives are either really expensive, or are intended to dazzle. Most of these look like they dazzle. I guess there is someuse, but I’d avoid serrated knives for every day use. Beyond that, a knife is often a knife, beyond a certain point bigger doesn’t help. But selling over the counter at a chain hardware store, “Rambo” type knives seem to sell better, for the flash.

I admit to buying a few knives in recent years, but my Schrade is still the best of the bunch. But buying a few means I can keep.folding knives handy, when previously I’d keep disposable foldung knives around.

I have a few Swisd Army Knives, including a “Champion” bought in 1980, but gadgets aside, I’d not use one for survival. No blade lock, and blade is. kind of short (though in the city, that’s a benefit). The gadgets don’t do much for survival, or are better served as separate tools. A small knife , unless tge handle is long, doesn’t have good leverage.

Most people don’t need survival, even if they go into the wilderness, an average knife will be good enough. A comoass may be more imoortant, as well as an extra layer for warmth and a few other things. Even a big knife, if you don’t know how to use it, it won’t save you.


I have a few knives and multitools, and find that the opinel is the only one I consistently take with. It’s really light, easy to keep really sharp, and is round handled, which is appealing to me in some way. No tears if you lose it, either.

Yes, you’re right. They’d be dead.

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Yeah, it’s a pretty sad looking list: Bottom-of-the-barrel, Chinese, directly-to-amazon, un-R&D’d, pseudo 440C, mall-ninja stuff; then, some psudo-minimalist, over-styled and overpriced hipster knives.

  • Get anything that fits your budget and size preference from Spyderco = happy camper for many years.
  • Maybe want a little bigger? Cold Steel’s American Lawman is a no-fuss knife that’s light for it’s size and that WILL outlive you, sorry to say.
  • Something smaller? Get your basic sized Swiss Army knife; the Tinker model with the Philips driver is my favourite, but if you open wine a lot, the Spartan will be better.
    If you want USA made (and micro), try a Leatherman Micra or any other of their small, low cost offerings.



Wait, no Crocodile Dundee jokes?


But while we’re at it:


A cheap clip?