6 survival knives to give you the edge on any outdoor trip

Ooh, I like that.

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No one needs more than two.


I’m ready to out-survive all you wusses.


Wow, I now feel woefully inadequate as my personal outdoors knife seems so humdrum compared to these tacticool knives…

But I did make it myself, so there’s that.
(and yeah, it’s hand forged cable pattern weld with a hamon, a shibuichi guard, and a stabilized redwood burl handle, so suck it cheap Chinese crap!)

But seriously, you don’t need something fancy, or tacticool. Those mora knives rock, and my daily carry is a reasonable kershaw folder that helps with a ton of chores. Just buy something of quality, whether fancy and expensive or inexpensive but good. If you don’t know the difference, ask a friend (and I highly suspect there are other steel/metallurgy nuts here on BB as well…)


I’ve been using one of these for the past five years or so and it’s all I need when I’m camping other than kitchen knives. It’a basically a miniature folding Stanley knife.

Cheap and useful enough that I now have two - one with a ceramic blade when I need something super sharp, and one with a steel blade for general stuff.

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it’s real folks

Spyderco, CRKT, Benchmade, Cold Steel, Puma, Randall (*), there is a bunch of good makers to fit any budget. @prodigalphreak had a very good suggestion.

(*) “But you’ll ruin its Collectibility if you use it!”
“If I wanted something to sit in vault I’d buy an investment-grade opal. I want a farking knife I can farking count on.”

Wish I could claim credit for that one.

I’m a big fan of CRKT. Got a Pilar in the original blade steel and it’s frankly the highest quality folding knife I’ve ever had in my budget-oriented collection.

I like it better than my Ontario Rats I and II, and the SOG X-Ray Vision (although that one has sentimental value), and my leatherman tools. It’s small, and has a non-threatening blade shape, and it came very sharp and is holding its edge excellently and the frame lock is incredibly sturdy.

TL;DR I’m damn impressed with CRKT.

You show a Japanese scene in the background, but please be aware that any knives with a blade more than 6 cm (2 in) is illegal in Japan (unless you can prove that you need it for your work) punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment and ¥300,000 fine.

Thanks for the tip. (Thigh Japan’s on the no travel list anyway).

Why so strict? Lots of knife crime or just a handle on gang members?

That is a handsome piece of work.

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which is what led to the the creation of these:

which is my favorite pocket knife


I think you meant to reply to @NativeSpeaker?

re: Higonokamis:

I have a friction folder from an American knifemaker. I carried it for a while but could never shake the fear of my thumb slipping and the very sharp edge sinking into my tender, naked fingers. I’ll stick with my axis lock.

you are correct :slight_smile:
Oh, i get the fear of the non-locking blade :), but you do get used to it. if you set it in your pocket lever side down, it doesn’t want to open on its own. it really is hard to be the blue paper steel for durability.


looks fantastic.

I’m also a fan of Kershaw, their US made folders with SpeedSafe are just fantastic.

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I wonder what one of those purification straws would make of piss. Probably too complex, chemically.

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People who like buying knives have a lot in common with people who like buying guns.

Oblig: https://www.thecut.com/2017/08/sword-guys-are-a-thing-and-ive-had-sex-with-all-of-them.html


I picked one of these up in Sapporo on my last trip to Japan. I love it. Alas, they are mostly cheap and require a lot of upkeep to keep them from tarnishing/rusting.

that’s carbon steel. they all require the same kind of maintenance. The best kitchen knives in the world are made of it. Also, a well built patina will eventually protect it, or just occasionally put some mineral oil on a towel and rub it into the metal