$3 multi-tool, good for campers

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A spork? Pah! Call me when it comes with a spife.


I dont believe there is a single bolt within my entire rack of hiking or car camping gear. Altough, I have never packed in a motorcycle engine either, so maybe Im doing it wrong.

My demographic would be more interested in a flask multi tool.


Maybe I’m just not thinking about this the right way, but I cannot think of a single scenario in my backpacking experience where I would have been happy to have this tool rather than a spork or even just a regular spoon (I have a titanium spork, but that’s mostly for the humor value- a decently-made plastic utensil is just as useful, and is what my wife carries). I want to love this on principle- I’m a sucker for clever multi-tools, but this one I just can’t figure out.

When hiking, I take a small leatherman and a regular fork. Anything fluid enough to need a spoon is drunk straight from the container (like my kids finish their cereal).

Yeah, but have you tried drinking cereal while riding an exotic motorcycle?

Oh! What about cycle camping? At the end of a long day of riding and making minute wrench adjustments, I often enjoy a civil bowl of soup, followed by more wrenching.

You can’t order more than 1 of these at a time, and get free shipping. How silly…I had to place 3 separate orders.

It’s for those camping trips where you find disused machines in the forest.

Now they just need travel sized WD-40 and a pocket Dyno.

(That needs Germanizing so it sounds cooler)

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