Tactical cutlery


That’s a weird mix of tactical fork tool and traditional breakfast knife. The knife needs more glass breakers and more paracord around the handle.


Sorry, I can’t NOT post this.

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A little off-topic, but:

Can anyone recommend a good pocket-sized salt/spice shaker? I’ve been interested in finding for one for years, but continually come up empty. Looking for something about the size of a Chapstick tube, and which seals against moisture. And yes, I could just re-purpose a Chapstick tube - I’m hoping to find something a little more intentional.

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How adept is it at punching through the bullet proof vests of those immigrants who are constantly pulling home invasions?

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I could be missing something, but from the pictures on the product page that “multispork” looks like it’s just a “multifork”.

Which is good for me, since I know at least one person who would immediately demand I buy one for them if it were a spork.

Yes, it’s a shame that it doesn’t seem to include a spoon. When you have use for a fork, most of the time you’ll be fine using either your fingers or a spoon, even if Miss Manners may not approve. That’s much less true for a spoon.

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I own one of those titanium things, but I wouldn’t call it a spork. It is a spoon and a fork at either end of one handle.

I find you have to plan your eating carefully using it. You have to eat everything appropriate to one end before starting on food appropriate for the other end if you don’t want to have to continually wipe off the “handle” end.

I have something like that from REI. It’s about the size of a pill bottle and has 5 chambers arranged radially. You can open each chamber individually.

Originally it came with salt, pepper, chili powder, cilantro, and curry.

Weird mix.

I couldn’t see anything like it on REI’s site. Of course, I bought that thing 10 years ago, and it’s probably 5 times as big as you’re looking for.

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This is not exactly what you’re looking for, but might do the job. It’s a soda bottle preform. I’ve heard several people talk about using them for spice kits when camping. In almost every case they talked about combining the salt and pepper into one tube. Possibly too big for your needs.

Soda bottle preforms on Amazon

I had the same REI spice kits, one with salt, pepper and garlic, another had a powdered ketchup spice and maybe mustard.

Ugh cilantro, that demon herb is psychoactive for me, in an uncool hours of vomiting and crapping like a firehose way. The fever dreams it causes are dark, agoraphobic, and fearful. It took me a few times of tasting it in food, mostly in salsa eaten by the entire jar in a no-refrigerator college dorm, to realize that it was not food poisoning. It seems to be genetic, if one of my kids eats any cilantro and he is puking all over whoever’s sofa about 20 min after dinner.

I do like some real and some fake tactical stuff from flashlights to space-pens if it makes the gadget more suitable for unusual environments like cycle touring, backpacking, or stuffing in a small flight bag, and it is difficult to find most mall grade stuff designed for falls onto stone floor, shock, water resistance, and general abuse outside it’s narrow design perimeters.

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I’m a big fan of the old Nalgene poly carbonate bottles for the same reason. They’re nigh on indestructible, elegant in their simplicity, and simply refuse to pick up tastes. Too bad they were full of BPA.

RE: Cilantro, I don’t have quite as extreme a reaction as you do. It just makes anything it touches taste like burning pencil erasers mixed with vomit, and makes my face itch.

Yeah - and same problem with the REI one LDoBe suggested. I want something the size of a lighter, something I can fit in the change pocket of my pants.That’s what I want: a salt-shaker insert for a Zippo.

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10-4 on the itching and crappy taste, I always though it tasted like bad dish soap had not been rinsed from the dish, I think my extreme reaction was from eating the whole damn jar of salsa so it will not go bad.

Does anyone remember the small cylindrical salt and pepper shakers form airlines in the 80s? about 3cm tall and maybe 2cm wide with a sticker on top, or the flip top spice shaker cap for old 35mm film cannisters. Personally I would prefer to carry a MRE size bottle of Tobasco in a pocket considering the relative spice to size ratio, I do carry a standard small size bottle in my flying and cycling bags, I think I have some soy sauce packets in my headset bag too.
(edit)Can you do an inside measurement of a lip balm tube?(does the US do imperial sized lip balm tubes?) I will try to post a OpenSCAD design for a shaker top that you can compile and print that fits in a lip balm tube and is cappable(it wil only take a few lines of code) It will probably require a cap insert too to keep the spice form shaking out, thinking an o-ring slip fit, if I forget PM me.
(edit2)If you search famous auction sites for “2ml amber” you will find many small bottles with an orifice reducer and screw cap, no where near as cool as a pepper shaker Zippo though, and breakable glass.

That is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. And I will buy 12.

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I just thought of something: You might be able to fashion a shaker out of one of the graphite refill tubes for a mechanical pencil…

<img src=

ETA: Autopoint refill tubes look even better: They’re the shape and size of a AA Battery


You could try a “snuff” vial.

This one holds ~3g. Available at Amazon(!) and your local head shop.

You know if memory serves some of those old school paper tubes already have a hole in the center of the cap. For making with the dispensing of leads. I couldn’t mention a specific brand, last time I saw it was with my dad’s old drafting set from when he was an air traffic controller. So we’re talking late 70’s to early 80’s.

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Betchya have a special lasting love for Ronnie “fire the striking ATCs” Regan!
How did they ever keep civil aviation working after that?

(edit)This spork-knife seems inspired by the aircrew escape/survival knife ASEK.