How to deal with unreasonable or mean people on Twitter

“it’s that you don’t have the time or energy to do this kind of emotional keyhole surgery on every single person who comes at you on the internet, and there’s no point starting if you can’t commit to finishing it.”

This. Also abusive people often are abusive, toxic, and corrosive for long standing and complex reasons no single relationship will ever change. No one should feel pressured to sacrifice their own mental health down what may well be a bottomless pit.


To add to that:

It feels like every day for the last month there has been some trend on twitter by people who want to deny me my rights or see me dead, all dressed up as freedom of speech. My mental health is being sacrificed even without confronting those people, and I can’t see me making a difference where many other people haven’t succeeded over the last decade.

I just want to be left alone, not dragged into some debate over my continued existence.


Thanks for the advice. The documentary instead of (or at least before) the movie it is!

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My timeline is generally good, but oh, the comments…

Lately, the Block and Report Tweet functions have become very, very good friends of mine.

Trolls and idiots can spew their hate and maliciousness all they want on their timeline. (And I can’t believe how many of them there are on Twitter…) But I’m not obliged to pay any attention to them, especially when they’re arguing against the right for all people to exist and be happy. Let them howl into the void, unheard.


This is my default as well.

The other thing I do before I block them is immediately go through their posts and look for anything that can be reported. Any hate of minorities, women, trans individuals, any calls for violence. I’ve had a fair amount of luck over the past year reporting folks and, within a few days, getting an update that their profile has been banned. Twitter is still far from perfect, but they’ve improved.

And if I can’t find anything, I simply block them and move on with my life. I’ve got too much other stuff going on to worry about whether or not the trolls are getting their daily dietary supplements.


I solved the problem a long time ago. I don’t log in to twitter anymore

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At first, it was because I was a little uneasy at blocking people, so I felt like I needed to justify the choice. After seeing some of the horribly abusive things some people post, I’m less hesitant to block and/or report as needed.


Just block them; it’s not worth it. For the record, I would say the same thing to people that consider me unreasonable. You’re mostly missing out on cat pictures and my random babblings.



There’s FB’s b.s. PR for the public, but I have to wonder if FB has offered any potential and active advertiser boycotters deals on FB’s cost/clicks as incentive to stay on. That — and knowing who has been incentivized — would be interesting to know.


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