How to defeat Keurig 2.0's DRM with scotch tape



Defeat Keurig's K-Cup DRM with a single piece of tape
Defeat Keurig's K-Cup DRM with a single piece of tape

My favorite DRM hacks involve tape. You’d think they could have seen this coming.


So each of these things now has an RFID tag in them? That seems incredibly wasteful. Coffee isn’t that hard to make.


Great, now your coffee machine is going to start keeping track of coffee pod UUIDs so they can only brew once.


Cool hack. I’m glad there’s an easy workaround on this.

However, I hope people are smart enough to not buy a coffee maker that ties their hands like this. Even if they are able to easily get around the stupid DRM restrictions, it would be way more satisfying if the market sent Keurig a clear message: we will not buy your defective-by-design product.


alternately, there are a bunch of people like you designing these things, so that people like you and like them can hack them, while it looks like magic to the rest of us.


money is.


It may or may not be an RFID(those are still a bit pricey per unit). RFID would, certainly, be the dystopian endgame approach; but the history of anti-theft tags provides plenty of slightly cheaper, somewhat less sophisticated options that they might have gone with.

Given that the cost of the DRM hardware comes out of Keurig’s margins on every little cup, they might not have opted for the most sophisticated approach(and, indeed, seem not to; because the system is without even the most trivial resistance to replay attacks).


Roger’s coffee offers a free Freedom Clip, which is a little neater, and doesn’t appear to use a old Green Mountain K cup

I hate this video. The music is distracting. The lack of narration compels the viewer to analyze frames to understand.

Even the text is more confusing than it needs to be.

WHAT YOU NEED TO HACK THE 2.0 BREWER = One (1) piece of TAPE + not much AIM
Just tape it in there, up in the left: over the open rectangular space"

The video seems to show someone disassembling n authorized K-cup. But is this actually needed? I was promised a hack that required no more than a piece of tape.


On the other hand, if Keurig sold the pod-injector device at some pitiful margin, or even at cost, and expected to make it up on pods, buying their device and then defeating its anti-tamper mechanisms might actually send a stronger message than just ignoring their device.


The whole business of making individual coffee servings is kinda silly. My wife makes 8 cups a day, and uses all of 'em.


Here’s an idea: Stop filling landfills with K-Cups! Lazy fucks!


Okay, I don’t know much about coffee stuff, but: isn’t “This pack wasn’t designed for this brewer” just a straight-up lie? Is there some Keurig-alike out there that people make these packs for, and then whoops they just happen to fit the actual Keurig as well? Or are the people who make and distribute these packs expecting you to use them with a Keurig?


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Hey, @falcor, @beschizza


My open-source Mr Coffee is even easier, and compatable with all major brands, except Keurig.


Here is an idea don’t use stupid wasteful things like k-cups to begin with.


Or you could have bought the Vue system and then had them promptly drop that setup and go to the 2.0…



I don’t really use K-cups but the music with this video was well selected.


Good. This kind of shit needs to stop. America seriously has to get better consumer protection laws and catch up with the rest of the developed world. Same thing about Apple that Europe was forcing a few inches into them over, especially with this new charger lead fiasco. “Oooh it’s about quality control and EULA’s and safety reasons that you can’t have the same product at cost.”