How to evaluate secure messengers and decide which one is for you

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The EFF article made me yearn for a Consumer Reports-style review of the various apps.

Anybody know what’s the over/under (or the puddle/hammer) on Signal?

With Signal, if you destroy your phone (or even just uninstall signal), all your messages are gone. So pretty good on the hammer test.

UNLESS you have your phone synced to the desktop app, in which case even if your phone is destroyed, all your messages can still be accessed via desktop, since they were all saved to both places. This is super helpful on the puddle test, since it means you can access your messages and even continue texting even if your phone is at the bottom of the ocean. But it means you’d have to hit both your computer and phone with the hammer if you want to get rid of the evidence.

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Hey, that is significantly helpful. I don’t plan to overthrow, smuggle, hack or libel anybody in the near future, so all I need is something that’s reasonably hard to snoop on if I don’t want it snooped.

Thanks very much. Looks like a keeper.

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