How to find a pet tardigrade and care for it

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Just a reminder: feral tardigrades travel in packs of up to a billion, and have lost all fear of humans.

Spay or neuter your tardigrades.


Better than Sea Monkeys any day.


So you’re saying don’t shoot them at the moon?


I was thinking pretty much that: this century’s Sea Monkeys.


There are certainly a bunch of things to keep in mind when caring for your tardigrade; but can anyone think of any care tips that the doting owner wouldn’t already be observing for the purposes of their own survival?

Sure, keep your tardigrade somewhere between 0 and 1,000 atmospheres; greater pressures may harm some of the more delicate species; do not expose to shocks above 1 gigapascal; Be Careful! 5,000Gy of gamma radiation could kill your tardigrade! Please be sure to provide your tardigrade with water at least once a year; as little as 10 years without water can kill your tardigrade…


That’s all well and good, but, where does one find a leash that fits them critters? The leash laws are tough around here.

I’m still yet to see one with a crown and trident, but I acknowledge I haven’t been looking that hard.

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In truth, you know, the incredible survival properties all have to do with the resting tuns. Active tardigrades are not invulnerable and can’t live just anywhere. They’re not even extremophiles, which is why the instructions are all about keeping a proper culture with water and moss.

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I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile when ever I walk by a moss bed. I have too many projects to finish first.

They sort of remind me of demodex folliculorum, but we find tardigrades cuter.

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