How to "fix" a Canon printer with a giant hand-made hammer


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It’s like Primitive Technology but with sweet iron age/steel age hand tools.
Oh and (spoiler alert!) he performs a ‘consumer adjustment’ or ‘inexact expedient’ a la Office Space. That POS got what it deserved!


You know, I always wondered how I could get my hands on a giant mallet like the weapon harley quinn uses.
I guess I can make my own now, candy striping and all!


I’m pretty sure that violates Canon’s DRM.


No hammer needed…


It’s not that complicated. The hard part is making sure your materials are going to stand up to the stress of use.


Ron Swanson approved.


This video is a vivid demonstration of tools that you can rely on and those you cannot.


The three rules…
If it isn’t working hit it.
If that doesn’t work get a bigger hammer.
If it can’t be fixed it isn’t broken!


I realise overkill is the intent, but I would’ve just taken a cue ball in a gym sock to it.


Almost thought this was the sound track


here for exactly this


The make-the-mallet portion was extremely soothing. And then there was the violence, which was also soothing but in a very different way.



Will it work on HP printers too?


The ink stains on the mallet were a nice finish to the video :slight_smile:


I came here for the Office Space copier assassination, and I have not been disappointed!


I did that with an epson 777, but the gratification was only temporary. It came back to haunt me. pieces began to turn up in impossible places so I burned them. That wasn’t as gratifying as originally hitting it w/ a splitting maul, in fact I worried that it might need a serious exorcism but so far it’s worked. Actually I think it was crows leaving shiny stuff on my porch (they think the cat food is for them & trade me stuff for it). Yeah I’m definitely sure it was crows.


Spider fleeing the destruction of it’s home at 6:52 to 6:56 really sold it.


PC Load Letter, what the fuck does that mean?

The more appropriate track: