On April 1, Magic Lantern crashed cameras for the laughs


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In English, that code says if you are NOT recording there is a 1 in 1000 chance to bsod every time it is run (I cannot tell from the snippet if it is once per second).

Not a professional project, and the coders are not professional.

#Do Not Hire


Thank you, I’ve updated the post.

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The ML team have done some amazing things- getting performance out of cameras well beyond what they shipped with. If nothing else, they’ve created some amount of pressure on Canon to (maybe) do a little better. So that’s a good thing.

But this was a dick move.


Yeah, didn’t they basically turn the EOS M into a Super35-sensor blackmagic pocket, more or less? Incredible

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Exactly what I was thinking. If it’s just for fun stay here and make funny moves, and don’t expect that someone spent dime to send to you those funny thing calle patches or bug reports. Have fun to correct the funny bugs you have put in in your clowny sowtware, on purpose or not.


Blimey, that would scare the crap out of me.

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that loud splash you heard was tech april fools jokes jumping the shark.


Particularly if your idea of “fun” runs to the sort of practical jokes that can cost real money to people whose trust you’ve cultivated.

Christ, what an asshole.


Yes. The turned the underperforming EOS-M into a capable B-Camera.
And they brought Cinema RAW to the 5D Mk3. And. And. And.

And then to defend it by saying “hey mister fancy-pants photog who foolishly trusted us – the source is available so go read it, as well as the small text on our website that says no guarantees, nyah nyah nyah!”

Jeebus. Guys* like these are the ones who give open-source a bad name.

* I’m assuming guys, 'cause these assholes sound like asshole brogrammer guys. Maybe they’re asshole women programmers. STILL ASSHOLES.


I like ML in theory but every time I go out to shoot I run Canon firmware. It’s mostly because every time I start considering it seriously I read about how unserious they are and think “I spent two grand on a camera body alone, do I really want to drive an hour out there and risk equipment failure over firmware?”

I do appreciate them keeping Canon’s feet to the firmware fire and causing manufacturer’s to realize that additional capabilities unlocked over firmware is a great way to let your users know you’re supporting the products, but there’s just no way I’d use it on a shoot with any consequences.


Keep around a card without the Magic Lantern, as a bug insurance.

This brouhaha has two significant positive effects: it reminds people that things can and do fail, so they are more likely to have contingency plans. And it gives some free publicity to the software.


Nope, I can’t be bothered to reset everything the new firmware provides every time. I’m content with the “limited” capabilities as a result.

I got a cheaper camera, a Powershot A2600. Specifically chosen for the CHDK-compatibility. The advanced functions can be pretty useful. But it all depends on what you are actually doing with the thing.

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Cheaper or not, the wife says I’m not allowed any more cameras. Any new ones have to be balanced by selling an old one.

Also, while ML is “free” and the developers are “volunteers” they actively solicit donations of bitcoin on their FP.

And then there’s this from the ML wikia:

Will it break my camera?
As of September 2009 the software has been downloaded over two
thousand times and there have been no reports of damage to the cameras.
While this is no guarantee of absolute safety, the stable releases have
been tested by beta testers. Most of the risk is to the developers’
cameras while testing new features and probing new portions of Canon’s
firmware. By the time the software moves from development to beta
testing it has been installed hundreds or thousands of times.

No idea how authoritative or recent it is - although it does seem to have portions that redirect to magiclantern.fm. The FAQ page talks about inherent dangers, but likens them to the dangers of using other products, never mentioning that it might throw intentional dangers at the user just for sh**s and giggles.


Given that ML is GPL’d it seems like a project that’s ripe for forking by folks who don’t treat their community like trash.


Tragedy of the commons. Sadly crowdsourcing will never do QA as well as dedicated funded teams.