How to hand letter like an architect

I think you’re just joking, but we lefties can write like this just fine using a triangle with the right hand.

Though of course we don’t need the triangle since we’re superior beings.


That “P” looks more like a “Þ”.

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This looks nothing like the lettering they taught us in school. And using an angle to write would take far too long! Drafting by hand needs speed. This method would not cut it.

Today, a number of architects use Arial or other true type fonts because they are easier to read. The Architext font, while still used, is not as common as it once was.

That’s not even an ISO font. Really…


PS: 9 character post limits are stupid.

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So the standard answer about the lettering having slanted horizontals (H,L,A) and low or extremely high (as in the N) is that it conflicts less with architectural drawings. Often times words are written directly on the center of a marking, like a centerline, or on top of a geometric pattern so having something that looks visually different helps for a quicker read.


I think in context it looks fine. It’s the same as the way our minds process the “B/13” illusion:

Here it is in context:

No. And it seems to take an awfully long time if you have to use the square for every letter…

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