How to investigate and report on modern slavery

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Also, stop buying shrimp.

Reports from apostate ex-slaves will naturally be full of atrocity tales and other moral panics, and should be discounted. Anti-slavery organizations will be biased against slavery, reporting only the negative aspects. /s

(Adapted from the cult apologist “academics”, who only source their work from cult handouts.)

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It might be good to put some context into your image here.

After digging for it in the photo credits - it appears to be a dismembered body of a indentured Burmese worker/slave who was killed by his/her captors. I think…

Perhaps this is the bigger story - that disadvantaged ethnic workers are being murdered by unscrupulous criminals/entrepreneurs/fishermen without recourse.

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Farmed shrimp from southeast Asia. Especially Thailand. Most other shrimp doesn’t have that issue. For the other issues shrimp has check seafood watch

Oh me of little faith.

Mislabelling is a different concern. And one with dangers far beyond the ethical.

And basically the only way to completely avoid mislabeled fish is to stop eating seafood entirely.

But you can reduce the problem by dealing with respectable fish mongers, markets and restaurants that make it a point to be transparent about sourcing. And check seafood watch. They include mislabelling concerns in their ratings as it directly impacts the sustainability concerns that are their reason for existing. They dont appear to consider Human Rights concerns in their ratings. Which is why you avoid south east Asian shrimp entirely regardless of its labeling or seafood watch rating.

If you want to see modern-day slavery, just go to Cupertino, California. There, at Apple, you can see hundreds of H1-B visa workers, forced to regularly work extended hours and all weekend for no extra money, on a salary that barely covers the cost of living.

If they voice a problem with it, they simply have their visas revoked and are shipped back as soon as possible.

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