That shrimp you're eating may have been peeled and packed by slaves


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Nope, i’m allergic to shellfish. I’m impervious to your guilting!


The shrimp that you may have enjoyed 20 years ago is not the poisoned crap called “shrimp” that you get today. With very little research you will find that “shrimp” are the equivalent of mercury sandwich, or there abouts.


You do know your audience…

Fortunately, I had @shaddack replace my “hired” help…

…unfortunately, my grape consumption has been reduced to approximately 3 per week.


What kind of monster doesn’t peel his own shrimp?


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Reason #87 why we need lab grown meat to replace so many of our less than scrupulous sources. If you’re going to red lobster for shrimp fest, you’ll never know the difference…


No. While there are reasons to avoid shrimp for labor reasons as mentioned, mercury is not a particularly major concern for shrimp. Mercury is an issue in predators high on the food chain. Shrimp are rather low on the food chain.


That’s why all the best Boingers are Pescetarians…


I thought Pescotarians had a palate for sasquatch?


Thanks for posting this, Xeni. The Guardian and, more recently, the NYT reporting on this has our cat on a chicken only diet, where I can be a bit more confident of where the food is coming from and how it is produced. Still not ideal, but when you host an obligatory carnivore, meat must be had.

I spoke to the veterinarian about the seafood trade problems, and sent him links to some of this reporting, but he appears to regard me as looney to even bring this up. It would really help if some vets would get on board and inform pet owners about the whole sordid mess.


Peel and eat as much as you like.


Especially at this festive time of the year.



Buying the thing whole being, of course, both cheaper and more delicious as the shells can easily be turned into flavorful and versatile shrimp stock.


thats @pesco and I think it’s all cryptids.


Horrendous labor conditions and environmental devastation are built into nearly all products in capitalism, especially into the industrial agriculture that provides the overhwleming majority of the food supply. No amount of conscentious soft boycotts will change that. Such drastic change would require a mass, organized, anticapitalist upheaval–destroying the current, brutally exploitative relationship between developed and developing countries–which I fear is about as likely as shrimp boycotters upsetting the modern-day slave trade.


I assume that all commerce I encounter is based upon slavery.

Most people I talk to prostitute themselves - doing whatever will pay them, rather than something necessary because it is needed by society. If they feel they have no choice in this, I consider them to be oppressed by a form of slavery. It is not acceptable.


Have you read much Ayn Rand?


Not much, no. Why do you ask? Would Rand help explain strategies for people to be more socially responsible? I hadn’t gotten that impression.