How to learn a Cockney British accent in under two minutes


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Why would Van Dyke need a coach? Isn’t England foreign? Nobody will notice.


aka: How to accidentally do an Australian accent while trying to sound cockney. At least in my case.



Step 1: hit yourself in the head repeatedly.
Step 2: Uh, woht?


Just say “oi!” a lot, mate.


In a couple of places it sounds like he’s channelling David Bellamy (who, to be fair, did grow up in Cheam).


Definitely what the world was lacking was amateur impressionists doing cockney accents. Truly a public service. apples and pears t’ya matey-o!


He is totally unfazed about that. When he was interviewed by Gilbert Gottfried he said he was on set with all these other British actors and NOBODY SAID A WORD TO HIM so he had no clue at the time.


I blame the director?

Robert Stevenson (31 March 1905 – 30 April 1986) was an English film writer
and director. He was educated at Cambridge Universitywhere he became the
president of both the Liberal Club and the Cambridge Union Society.


I bet 'e karms from Larndon.


What about learning an American accent?


Most annoying companion ever… The line "'S-so what! I’m Perpugilliam Brown, and I can shout as loud as you can! " just made me cringe.


Her accent… she could never get it right. It kept going from a So-Cal valley girl to a 1920s gangster Moll!

But I have to dissent, a bit on most annoying character… I mean, come on, Kamelion exists:


Fair point.
The only good thing about Kamelion was it’s short stay.


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