Learn 12 different accents in under four minutes


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Is a couch involved?


Only the best


No Welsh? I’d be impressed, since they talk pretty crazy.


Cat: “Mission accomplished.”


I’ve always wanted to tell certain people to Fuck Off while using a Scottish accent.



Where in god’s name did that come from?


Hell Comes to Frogtown. Has Roddy Piper in it as Sam Hell i think, and it’s supposedly a really awful sci fi dystopian film though i’ve never seen it myself. I know of it because it was covered in the great podcast How Did This Get Made.

P.S: I looked up the clip after i had listened to the podcast and had it in my faves :smiley: I love having that handy to spring on unsuspecting people.


I’ll have to look into this.




I listen to this podcast religiously. They rock. I strongly suggest everyone to check them out - even if you hate movies (even more so if you love them).

“What’s up, dumb-dumbs”


Lately I feel like I’ve made some real breakthroughs on my American accent. Specifically, being able to mimic the American accent I hear in British radio and television dramas. Now, when I next go to the UK, they’ll definitely be able to identify me as an American.

No, but a coach is involved.

Yeah, there’s nothing quite like a working-class Scottish accent to tell people tae fuck off.


Welsh, eh?


Yorkshire and Scottish accents need work.



And the French one seems to have been inspired by this:


Whats up jerks?!?


try norn iron. it;s even better. Boot yeas, faack off.


Hell Comes to Frogtown is a Cinematic Masterpiece.

You need to stop what you are doing and find a copy to watch.

I’ll wait.


As some one with a pretty personal experience with most of these accents. And some knowledge of vocal/accent work, dialect, and language.

This woman is awful.

Most of what she’s doing is just a slightly less extreme version of pastiche or stereotype accents. She doesn’t seem particularly aware of the actual terminology used in this field. Or the actual names of accents/dialects she’s mimicking. Her “Brooklyn” accent is a weak imitation of The Nanny (who was from Queens). Her “London” accent would seem to be an attempt at received pronunciation with a little Hugh Grant thrown in. And her “Irish” sounds less like any regional Irish accent than it does that dude down the bar who thinks he can pull chicks by mimicking Irish Spring commercials.


At the risk and constant vigilance of giving too much personal info away, yes. What’s disappointing is you got 3 likes for it. So far.