How to lie over email, according to "The Internet Show" from 1995

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The way I learned best to lie over email? The Diplomacy Judge, based on the old Avalon Hill strategy game that’s best for alienating friends when you stab them in the back.
Many of the games on the Judge are (were? I haven’t played for years) anonymous: you don’t know who your game opponents are, only the country they represent – some even use “gunboat” email, where messages are all public with no attribution. You can say you’re England and propose an alliance with Russia to attack German, then post from Russia agreeing to that, then post from Germany proposing a counter-alliance with Russia… all the while you’re France, ready to strike from the other side.
The Judge is still out there, maybe it’s time I pick up a game again.

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There is A LOT going on in this one show…world politics included!

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Never knew that this video launched Ron Jeremy’s career

I learned years ago to never put anything in an email or text that I wouldn’t want everyone to see. If I have any problem with anyone I visit them in person (lately that means a phone call).

But i remember the era of learning all about BBS, usenet, what’s a browser, email, Compuserve, Prodigy, GeoCities, ICQ, and on and on. It was so much fun.


INTERNAUTS! This is full of essential stuff.

The netiquette segment around 35 minutes is my favourite part, which explains some useful terms with the aid of a jargon-klaxon.

Hanging around like this is called “lurking”. Remember, lurking is good.

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