How to make a backpack out of an Ikea bag

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Step 1: steal a bag from Ikea

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That does look pretty awesome. Do Ikea bags weather so they won’t constantly have a crunch crunch sound?

If you aren’t willing to pay for your $0.99 bags, then you should go with the yellow ones like a true outlaw.


Ah. I didn’t know there were purchasable bags. Well, there went my joke.

kicks can


…and now they have these fugly things.


I tried it. Mine’s only got one strap because I lost the Allen key halfway through.


If you’re going to go that far- in terms of investment of time and effort on construction, I’d just assume start with nicer materials. Cuben Fiber, maybe. Or Tyvex. Of Silicone impregnated Nylon. Or, heck, just some 500d Codura.
Still. Always good to see excellent crafting skills on display.


Kind of like making a house out of a shipping container or furniture out of aircraft parts.

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Seriously. It’s super cute but Ikea bags wear out faster than you’d expect. I was using one as a grocery bag for a bit, and it started getting holes worn in the bottom after two or three trips.


What would you recommend for a stitching thread? (Asking for a friend.) (Who needs to repair the stitching on a strap for his big backpack.)

If it’s me you’re asking, I’ve always been told to match the thread material to the fabric you’re sewing. For working on bags, I tend to use heavyweight polyester embroidery thread, and it seems to be working pretty well so far.
Bar tacks (of, sometimes, “Box-X’s”) are the way to go there.


Yes you, because of your work on the Crafting / Whatcha Working On topic. It’s known you have skilz.


Saw this pack in a news article today. Designed for the homeless.

We use Ikea bags on the farm to haul firewood and laundry. They wear like iron (we don’t drag them along the floor) but eventually wear out. If they get wet, they dry quickly – whereas canvas bags mildew before they dry lol.

But we’re 100s of miles from the nearest Ikea! So when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I was like “IKEA BAGS!” She lives close to an Ikea. She lives on Social Security. It was the perfect gift to ask for from her – practically free, inexpensive to ship and something we really need but have a hard time getting ahold of ourselves.


FYI: The phrase is actually “I’d just as soon”.

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