These excellent mesh zipper bags are back

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I love handy cases like this, where you can see what’s in the bag, but it has more style than a clear vinyl bag. The prices seem decent for the style of bag. Way cheaper than at the cool but over-priced MUJI store or at Japanese stationery stores.

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Yup, good way to organise stuff. USB sticks, cables, pens, and of course the plethora of smeggin’ mains adapters & battery chargers my techno toys essential field equipment needs.
IKEA has some useful stuff now:




Edit to add: set of three as shown €9.99.


it would be nice and dandy if you posted brand and model, so we could try to avoid the A* cthulhu.

Referral links my dude.


This detail in the Amazon description is priceless:

This bag has a zipper design! If a lot of liquid leaked inside the bag, it could potentially leak out!

Umm, it’s a mesh bag. Seems to me that the zipper would be the least of your problems.

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The amazon title is " Clear Pencil Case, Zipper Mesh Pencil Pouches Bag - 8 Packs - Petutu" but I’m not sure that will help you source them elsewhere for the same price.

It appears that Mark and I have both been beswagged by the same swag vendors of flash drive on a few occasions…

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Not to be a dick about it, but I don’t really see the advantage over Ziplock bags.

As someone who loves ziplock bags, I find mesh bags to be more durable and secure. Ziplocks get cloudier with use, and sometimes I don’t get the zip sealed all the way. I feel like I waste a lot of zip lock bags because I tend to replace them when they get worn looking. Plus, the mesh bags just look nicer to me.

You could ask why get a dresser when cardboard boxes will also hold things just fine. Or why use purpose built shelves when you can use cinder blocks and some pine boards. They both hold books.

There is something to be said for style when it has the same utility or better than the alternative.


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