Must-have travel gear - inexpensive zipper bags

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Is the system regurgitating old posts? This is a dup of this post from January.

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Mark regularly repeats affiliate link posts, so I doubt this is an accident. I guess it is better to repeat posts of things he likes than to randomly pick new amazon items to affiliate link to. Plus I’m a bit of a sucker for organizing accessories. Daiso sells some suitcase organizing travel bags on the cheap, way cheaper than the nicer ones from REI, but still quite usable.

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While on the topic of packing;
talk to me about luggage friendly bathroom towels.

I just bought this one and am reasonably happy with it. It’s thinner than other microfiber travel towels I’ve had so it can’t absorb quite as much water, but it’s sufficient to dry me off after a shower, and on the upside it packs into an impressively small pouch (with vent holes and a clip, ideal in case you need to pack it while it’s still wet temporarily).

Regular ziplocks also work just fine and are surprisingly robust - I have my toiletries in a gallon ziplock that has survived over a dozen international trips stuffed in my handluggage…

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I used to use ziplock storage bags for cables, chargers, camera accessories and such, but they get cloudy with continued use and abuse and eventually tear. I’ve been much happier and less wasteful using mostly (but not entirely) Eagle Creek packing cubes. The packing cubes still look new after years of use.

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