Must-have travel gear - inexpensive zipper bags

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Déjà vu? Or is it okay to repost every two months? Just asking. Nothing personal.

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Why are these superior to ordinary ziploc-variety bags? They aren’t waterproof, cost more, and how many uses do you get before the zipper craps out?


I use aLOKSAK bags. They’re more thicker, stronger, anddurable than regular grocery-store ziplock bags, and you can use touchscreen devices through them.

Why not some odor proof bags. You know. For… uhh… cosmetics… Sure…

Or you could just follow this simple YouTube tutorial like a real man.

I don’t see the Manson vibe anywhere in those bags!

I have a handful of similar zippered bags that I use to hold stuff for specific cities/countries (currency, transit cards, sim cards, my best friend’s housekey…). Then when I go to that place I can just grab that bag & add it to my other crap…


Well, technically the rent is due every one month, so the repost is a month late.


Five! No twelve!! No… dammit!

Well, if we are reposting…

honestly, the main benefit to me is the zipper and the durability.

i bought some last time BB did this item, and i really do hate BB’s turn to advertising disguised as blog post. but they are really cheap , great bags.

i would even say the “down sides” as listed by OP, are positives – for example, do you want your toothbrush in a waterproof bag or do you want it to expose to air?

the zipper seems fine or good in terms of quality/crapping out.

and ziplock bags struggle with things like chargers (relatively sharp plug ends), toothbrushes, and the like. they stretch out, deform, and weaken or just rip. proper closure can be difficult.

they are also great for art or craft supplies - similar to toothbrushes, markers, paint brushes, pens, all will deform and break ziplock bags. with these bags they’re strong and dont do that, and you can still see whats inside.

also good for adapters, like all the audio 1/8" + 1/4" adapters i have, stuff like that.

out of all the stupid products bb sells, this is not one of them.


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