Nylon mesh zipper bags are great for organizing

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I don’t see the advantage over plastic ziploc bags: these won’t keep dust out of electronics for longer-term storage.

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Are they air tight?


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I agree with the recommendation of plastic ziplock bags. They saved my suitcase recently when a viscous material leaked. A mesh bag would not have done so.

I don’t these are intended or recommended for storage but for organization. Instead of a lot of small loose items in a travel bag, they could be grouped in these. So pens, cables, dongles or whatnot would be suited for this. And these seem like they would be more durable than ziplock bags, though they have their uses.


I have these bags and I like them. I actually bought them, I think, from a previous Boing Boing post. (I could be wrong though)


Why not large ZIpLok ™ storage bags? About same size, much cheaper (usually).

The larger ones are great for organising children’s schoolbooks and materials, I find

I use those when traveling. They are great for keeping passports, tickets, hotel reservations and foreign currencies dry (the ones I use are plastic) and intact in an otherwise chaotic backpack.

An interesting idea, but it comes just when I am trying to cut down on plastics in my daily life. I suppose they do offer the advantage of not degrading as fast as clear plastic does, and thus not ending up in a landfill or dumped in the ocean, but I’m happy using things like old jelly jars for now.

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They’re also amazing for the environment.

I prefer these.

(They are way more comfy up the rectum.)

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