How to make a mallet from milk jugs


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But does it work against zombies?


Milk-nir anyone? I’ll see myself out.


Give me some of your finest wood jugs, shopkeeper!


Weighty, plastic-headed mallets are actually quite good for ‘banging’ snugger-fitting IKEA stuff together. The tyranny of tight tolerances.


I don’t like lactose in my mallets.


Quick, someone go check Mark, I think he might be having a stroke.


Throw in that white cutting board!


“How to make a mallet from milk jugs”

I have been known to very, very gently hammer jugs. No complaints… so far.


Seems like it never really got liquid, and the way that it was getting packed in that mold, I wonder if there are non-sealed fissures running through that mallet head. The last thing I want in a mallet head would be for it to not be totally solid.

Is it possible to be a bit more adventurous with the temperatures and get a nice gooey liquid that can be poured with recycled HDPE?


I imagine you could get a better melt if you did like he mentioned at first and really chopped the pieces up into something finer. Though a higher melting temp might not hurt either (though its tough to say if it’ll just burn at that point instead)


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