What is a puzzle jug, and how to make one


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Spoiler alert! Now the next time I see a puzzle jug the puzzle is totally ruined and I will not get drenched. Thanks, BoingBoing!

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Puzzle jugs suck.

Or, rather, I suck at puzzle jugs.

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At the beginning of the video I was thinking “Hurry up and just show me how the puzzle jug works!”, but I was soon fascinated by how she was able to shape and work the clay with such skill.


I saw some puzzle jugs in a museum and totally missed the point. I thought they were just jokes, jugs that you couldn’t get liquid back out of (neatly). It all makes so much more sense now.

How do you clean those “pipes”? Nightmare!

Slosh alcohol through them?

My local pub used to have one of these behind the bar, I assumed it was standard pub equipment alongside a yard of ale, the jar of pickled eggs, and a ‘funny’ sign warning punters not to ask for credit.

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watching that video was really satisfying, shockingly so. I realized that I spend so much time online watching people do things that have never been possible before, it’s really nice to watch a crafter do something that has been done so much we’ve mostly forgotten about it. I could watch a lot more of this sort of thing, and not just ceramics.


Don’t worry. Germ theory wasn’t invented yet.

Straws are a secret?

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