Clay mugs that look like old cardboard


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Back in my youth, we got our hands on a Polaroid camera. While the image was developing, you could use a popsicle stick on the back to moosh the colors around. Sometimes the results were hilarious, sometimes creepy and haunting.


We used to pee on them.


…but that didn’t affect the colours at all. It was just really satisfying, for some reason…


No… peeing didn’t work. But we did use to torture the hell out of developing Polaroids back in art school. Some things worked, some didn’t.
Lucas Samaras did a lot of work in this area with a large format version.


Looks like something you’d find on my desk. I say that with pride too.


I have ceramic version of disposable paper coffee cups and they’re pretty cool, they look like the real thing but sadly they have no handles and they’re 8 oz which is not enough for me to get going in the morning.

Found it, it’s this one :slight_smile:


I remember seeing some ceramic Chinese food containers at a ceramics factory/store in Burlington, VT, ages ago (Burlington Pottery, I guess). But much more delicate than this:


I saw some ceramic likenesses of half-crushed styrofoam cups at the Euro store the other day. If my cupboard weren’t already overflowing with novelty cups, I probably would’ve bought one. Plus they also had the “no handle” issue


New Yorkers of a certain age will recognize these.


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