Cool crystalline ceramic mugs


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There are some glazes, tricky to work with, that require careful temperature control and long cooling periods, but they produce elaborate crystalline patterns on the pottery. I was kind of hoping for that.

Bottle with Gold Stuff Glazem fired in oxidation, then refired to 1500 degrees F and reduced until the kiln cooled to 1250, by Diane Creber. Image from Ceramic Arts Network Daily.


These look dangerous to drink from.


Crystal pepsi would be the obvious drink of choice for these mugs!


Supercooled water


That last mug with the blue…

The prices over on Etsy though. These are works of art and I don’t begrudge the cost. But if I bought a $120 mug to use as a mug, guaranteed it would be broken with in a few weeks. My free swag mugs from work? I can’t break those if I try.


made for easy cleanup.


Can I get this one in a left-handed version?


Years ago my mom sent me a photograph of what she’d discovered in her freezer…an ice cube with a small upturned finger of ice poking out of it. An effect of supercooling!


My first thought.
As I often sip my tee or coffee somewhat absent-minded while working on something, these cups look like “oh no, not another afternoon at the ER_ , again” to me.


One good feature is that one could hang some mini chocolate donuts on the spiky bits.


Great. That would mean blood and chocolate on my shirts, then.


I laughed at that way harder than I should have


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