Ceramic, handmade Tardis soup-mug, saucer and spoon


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Really neat set, sadly the spoon is NOT part of the set, even though it’s pictured. So be warned. The seller says on the page that they are redesigning the spoons so they are not currently for sale at all.

“Each 15 oz. mug can hold 33,000 gallons of soup.”


The newly designed Tardis Spoon is now available as a separate purchase since some people wanted it for Ice Cream etc without having to purchase the tea cup :smile: Here is the link!

These are great. I suspect the merchandizing zeal of the BBC is going to get in her way a bit. Not a problem if it’s a police box mug. Could be a bit of a problem if it’s a TARDIS™ mug though, right?


These are amazing. A woman in one of my pottery classes made some lovely ceramic police boxes, but neither one of us was up to something of this level.

However I did make a weeping angel for a friend.

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If Steven Wright fills it with instant coffee and puts it in a microwave, what happens?

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the weeping angel is cool! :slight_smile: it would totally freak my kid out!

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