A review of Starbucks' fancy $80 mug

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That kettle has too many buttons :neutral_face:


This would not be for me since I usually drink an 8.5 oz hot beverage within 10-15 minutes, but for those whom sip only once every 45 minutes- great product!


A better solution:


Any tea kept warm for a prolonged time oxidises and tastes weird, or even terrible.

You should drink it while it’s hot. Have a pot full, on a small stove, if you drink much. If you just want one serving, get a fucking Dewar. There are quite. Few companies selling decent ones.


It also syncs with the Ember’s smartdevice app.

Yea, until some evil security researcher takes it over and kills you with boiling steam! Then they force your cup to mine Bitcoin and spy on your baby.


Agreed. I get so many thermos-type containers, often as free gifts from clients/conferences, I end up donating or giving away most of them. Even without those, keeping things hot for personal use is not an issue for me - especially anywhere I have access to electrical power, since that usually means a nearby microwave or water cooler (which tend to have hot and cold).

However, if anyone has a recommendation for a convenient, easy to clean, affordable option for keeping beverages hot for serving (ideally maybe 6-10 cups?) with good adjustable temperature control, that would be useful.

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I have that exact brand, it’s great. I did not like switching between using it for water and coffee though, thoroughly washing it still did not fully get rid of the coffee taste when i drank water. I now use mine for water only, i drink my coffee fairly quickly so keeping it hot is not that big of a concern.

I would recommend having a dedicated one for hot drinks.


My thoughts exactly. If your coffee sits in the cup long enough to get cold, you’re doing it wrong.

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I like this for the “keeping it at a certain temperature” part. I like my hot drinks to be at the comfortably warm temperature, not scalding hot, not too cold.

I feel like this would prevent the constant test-sipping of a still too hot drink, and the, ending up with a too cold drink after forgetting to check the temperature for too long.

I also don’t agree with the termos option, those usually keep the drink too-hot-to-drink for a very long time.

Having said that, I dislike mostly everything else about this product, the price, the charging, the app that is surely not FOSS and probably sends my drinking habits to Starbucks HQ.

Having a larger just-the-right-temp window does sound nice though!

Edit: I’ve thought about a simple cheap gizmo you hang over the edge of your cup and that beeps gently when it reaches your desired temperature as a solution to my “problem”. I would prefer that over this over-engineered and over-priced cup.


plot twist: the baby is the researcher


Affordable is in the eye of the beholder, but we got this as a gift from a relative and it’s great! Well, it only does hot water, not beverages in general, so it depends on exactly what you’re looking for…great for tea and French press coffee.

Before that I really liked this thingy:


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Coffee and tea can leave a pretty tenacious residue on the inside of things especially if it’s sitting in there hot for a long time.

Basically if you wanna un-coffee it you probably have to basically descale it like you might a coffee make. Soak it in water doped with baking soda. Then scrub it out with more baking soda.

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I’ve had great success with a Yeti tumbler. Keeps hot stuff hot (and cold stuff cold) for a ridiculously long time. (Sorry to turn this into a mini Cool Tools review.)

But I can’t control it with my phone, so I should probably just toss it.


I think I’m having my ‘those millennials!’ grandpa simpson moment.

Since when does seeing a few posters, a demo unit with a blinking light “basically I got conned into buying this thing,”?


Dunno if it’s reasonable to ascribe this one guy’s attitude towards “millenials” in general.

Unless you’re David Brooks, in which case keep doing what you’re doing because apparently it’s making you very successful.

Conned, really?

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I agree, I want to like tea, but there’s only a three-minute “good temperature to drink” window. This cup seems like it would prolong it. But is so overkill.

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“I was advertised to, and have no impulse control.”

It’s not a millennial thing, it’s a “consumer in capitalism” thing.


And they clearly had the means to afford an $80 mug. If that’s what they want to spend their money on i don’t mind, it doesn’t affect me but still appreciate him taking the time to review it and give his impressions on it.