Zojirushi stainless steel mug: leakproof travel thermos


I can picture the Thermos people shaking their fists in frustration. “Vacuum flask!” The battle may already be lost.


I have one of these too and you’re dead right. It’s incredibly well made.

If it’s possible to gripe about this, i’d say that it works almost TOO well. If I fill it with hot coffee and then try to drink from it a couple hours later, it’s way too hot and it can’t cool down inside the vessel. If you plan on drinking from it, make sure the beverage is at a reasonable temp before filling because heat escapes EXTREMELY slowly.

I bring my coffee to work in this and then pour it into a mug at my desk. It’s the only way to get it at a reasonable drinking temp for me.

16 ounces seems so tiny though, it’s only two cups. Who drinks two cups of anything over an eight hour period? Maybe I just hydrate with tea too often, I dunno, but this wouldn’t be worth hauling around.

What temperature do you brew at? I do my Aeropress at 170F and it’s fine to drink straight away.

Yep, this is not going to replace my 32 oz Hydro Flask, which I fill with coffee at 7:30 and lasts me all the day.

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A friend gave me one of these about six months ago, and I cannot say enogh good things about it. This is the best travel mug/thermos I’ve ever used. I’ve also dropped it a few times and it’s sturdy enough to keep taking it. Love it.

My Zojirushi is 20oz. I would prefer 24.

I’m at about 200. I’m switching to a Bonavita 1900 (as soon as it arrives) which pre-heats to about the same. 170 would be totally drinkable.

That’s 93.3 recurring Celcius.
Doesn’t that scorch the coffee?

My wife has a hydro flask and I use the insulated version of the klean canteen. Both work awesome at keeping liquids piping hot or super cold. Personally I love the klean canteen but it doesn’t come insulated in sizes larger than 24oz, my wife has the 32oz hydro flask and while it’s superior in most ways than mine the biggest flaw is that the build quality of the lid really sucks. She dropped it from the couch at about knee height and the lid cracked.

But yeah, I prefer insulated water bottles as they can easily double as a thermos.

No, I don’t believe so.

Zojirushi makes an insulated food jar that is the only thing that passed the teenager test in our home: doesn’t leak, easy to open, looks cool, and is the easiest to eat out of. The container is wider at the top than the base, which works so well for eating any type of food (and cleaning). In particular, the shape and the removable ring at the lip makes drinking/eating soup a pleasant experience instead of a mess.

As soon as you use a Zojirushi item, you immediately understand why they cost more. The one caveat I have is make sure to read the details because some of their items have non-dishwasher-safe components. When you’re washing reusable containers every night to get ready for the following day’s lunch, that can be an issue.


I have family members who discovered the Zojis last year and love them. They travel a lot and were amazed by the insulation, especially on the food jar.

My barista’s been lying to me then about why my coffee’s not quite hot enough for me.

Their top-end rice cooker has lasted me almost ten years of daily use. Best purchase ever!

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It’s also got a perfectly calibrated flip top that makes it really easy to use one-handed. The best travel mug, by a mile.

The mugs say don’t use the dishwasher, I’ve been disassembling and dishwasher for a year and a half with no problem.

I thought mine was staying too hot, so I generally put a couple of ice cubes in the thermos along with the coffee. Cools it down just enough to drink, and then the temperature levels out.

I have had one of these exact Zojirushi thermoses for about 5 months. It is indeed extremely
well made.

I take it to the machine shop where I work daily- and it keeps my coffee scalding hot for at least 5 hours if I put it in that way. Still very hot after 8 hrs. After 9 hours, it starts to cool down to just somewhat hot. Very comfortable to drink from with the spout, and the double lock spout keeps my new car clean. It is one of the few consumer items I own that truly impresses me. If it stands up to daily use banging around in a machine shop, I’m sure it’ll stand up to anything. My only complaint is they don’t make these in bigger sizes!

There’s like 20 different models- get the one with slick steel interior. It’s electropolished steel- doesn’t stain, washes totally clean with water. 5 months, and I’ve only soap and water cleaned mine maybe 4 times. In 5 MONTHS. Serious. Cleaning the plastic spout and seal everyday with a water rise is the most I do.

To hell with brittle glass vaccuum flasks. This thing is superior in nearly every aspect.