Zojirushi stainless steel mug: leakproof travel thermos


My coffee storage unit of choice is The Rock. I would not bet against it surviving the heat death of the universe.


I use a 20 oz Contigo. Just as well built but about 30% cheaper. Vacuum insulated and stainless inside and out. I have to leave the lid off while I shower else it is too hot to drink for most of the day. Today it kept my coffee drinkable from 10 AM to 4 PM. The spout is spring loaded so you don’t futz with it while driving, and is air tight. Comes apart for cleaning. Also has a valve lock but I can’t see why I’d use it. Something about the design means you never have to tilt far which is good while driving.


Got one of those for astronomy class. Pretty awesome but not very good for travel.


Most coffee zealots consider the best brew temp to be 190-200ish.

@pjcamp; oh, no - you’ve reignited the Zojirusji vs Contigo wars! One of the internet’s great rivalries. This thread will only go downhill now…

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~$29 on Amazon.com… ~$50 on Amazon.ca WHY!!! Amazon.ca you suck.


Based on:

…we can assume you live within one pixel of the U.S. border. Do you have any friends one pixel down who might invite you over for dinner or drinks, having received a package from Amazon?

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Yeah. http://sgsmailboxes.com/ makes their living off this scheme, right at the Whirlpool bridge in Niagara Falls NY.


Occasionally, capitalism gets it right!


I have one of these and really can’t recommend it. It has a number of problems: The latch is irritating as it sticks you in area just under the lower lip when you drink. The cap blocks your vision when drinking, so you can’t use it when driving. The rubber seal is fragile, breaking after less than three months use, and the replacement cost $8. Worst of all the csp has many crooks and grannies making it very difficult to clean. Things can be over engineered, this is an example.


That reminds me, I haven’t watched Hong Kong Phooey in a while.

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