Square, lightweight plastic flask from Stanley

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I suppose the plastic flask would be nice if you want to get your booze past security at a stadium or concert or something.

It looks like the top is hinged. That just seems like another leak point to me. What’s it there for?

“(it’s no fun wearing bourbon-scented clothes all around the world!)”

Sez you.


I would guess for cleaning purposes. Plastic needs a bit more maintenance than stainless steel.

That’s how I get around the 3oz rule!


As a bonus, it both sterilizes my towel and makes the vitamins and protein soaked into it taste better!


Its for easy filling! I’ve seen them at the store and been tempted many times but was worried it would leak. The whole top hinges open so you can pour liquor straight into it without funnels or intense focus. Also don’t have to worry about it overflowing every. damn. time. I carry one of the steel once with me and have since college. Fits perfectly in an inside jacket pocket and holds enough liquor to get the job done. The wide mouth makes drinking it less like sucking on one of those gerbil bottles.

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And you’re only taking 8 oz of bourbon? That’s some pretty good fuel economy.


It only has to get him through security. Once in the terminal, he can refill at the duty free.


I bought one of those ‘classic’ flasks a couple of years ago, because I liked the idea of owning a flask.

Never used it though. Turns out there are very few scenarios where I need to be out and about with whisky on hand.


You may just miss out on an opportunity to channel your inner Bogie and say to a comely dame: "“you know it just so happens I’ve got a pretty good bottle of rye in my pocket.”

I have a steel 6 oz that came as a bonus with a bottle of Beame. Just enough to make you wish for more. And the metal cap is noisy if you’re trying not to wake someone.

You need a better lifestyle. In my world, there are very few scenarios where being out and about with rum on hand would be considered out of place.

That being said…


I’ve had some booze distilled by a friend’s crazy Albanian grandad that I’m pretty sure would dissolve this thing the minute it was poured in it.


Cory, what is your whiskey of choice right now?


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I don’t have sound connected on this computer at the moment, and for me the best part of watching this video was enabling the subtitles/closed captions feature and reading along:

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It is like one of our thermal pods! But is a very bad design…

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