Shiny shiny booze-flask




Does it come with a leather sheath to keep it from ripping through any pocket you put it in?


It almost makes me want to go back to my heavy-drinking days.


It looks like what the T-1000 would form his hand into if he needed a meat cleaver.


I’m in the market for a new flask. I feel like I should have one on-hand for…contingencies.

Once, I bought a fancy flask.

Didn’t use it much, as I don’t often frequent places where I can’t just order a cocktail if I’m moved.

One night, the doorman was having a bad day. One of the jerks in the building was being a jerk, and Boneheaded management decided to take the jerk side.

I said to the doorman that he looked like he could use a stiff drink.

He affirmed.

I returned with the flask, with some decent bourbon in it (basil hayden’s).

The doorman was grateful.

The next day I returned to find a different person on the door. The doorman had quit the joint.

I’ve not seen nor heard from him, nor my fancy flask.

I’m in the market for a new flask. I feel like I should have one on-hand for…contingencies.


In all honesty I should carry a flask of cheap vodka at work. Specifically because upper management doesn’t think cleaning equipment is necessary for tech support work. It’s astounding how gross people’s mice, keyboards, and screens are.


Interesting. That flask looks hydroformed(there demonstrated by everybody’s favorite stark-raving-crazy-DIY-brit).

Anybody know if it, in fact, is, or whether it’s just similarly shaped and suitably polished?


…and you care less about hygiene when you’re drunk?

The only flask you really need is a plastic one, ideally in the shape of a Listerine bottle. It gets you past 90% of all security and gets you just as loaded as one of those fancy metal flasks.


i care less about a LOT of things when I’m drunk.


Good story. Next time, give the doorman your backup flask, not the main flask. Here’s an easy way to get a backup flask. Next time you’re at the packie, look for the promotional schwag gift box of whiskey with the flask included. Should you need to use it for a contingency, and the flask walks again, no big deal. It was a freebie anyways. Second possibility is to keep several clean jelly jars on hand, with lids. When a droopy doorman shows up at the doorstep and he needs a lift, fill the tiny mason jar with the juice and let him have it. As a final note, I take everclear on camping trips. Not only is it my stove fuel, but it is my nightcap after long hikes. If I am feeling especially frisky, I shoot it straight. If I am feeling road-weary, I dilute it with Lagavulin. Just kidding. I would never taint my Lagavulin in such a base manner.


It’s a normal state of the things. Maybe I am just not so sensitive, maybe my users are way above average (but in that case the below-average ones would likely to not have working hardware at all due to mechanical obstruction with crusts of grime).

But the vodka thing is a good idea anyway. If you have a toolbox, you can have there a suitably sized bottle of a clear fluid in direct view and nobody will bat an eye.

Another option is those thin surgical gloves. Or those blue ones. May also serve as a visual way to show your displeasure.


Two by two; hands of blue.


Also by Areaware, just look at this.


How many ounces fit in the flask?


Six. Sightly less than a fourth of a fifth


I’m saying 20 oz of cheap vodka costing $5 stretches further than an $11 14oz bottle of Windex, and I know that 40% ABV vodka sanitizes effectively and never stains, whether or not it leaves a streak-free shine on a mouse, whereas Windex never says whether or not it sanitizes or even its ingredients on the bottle. And Windex (the blue kind) absolutely stains.


I don’t know… That flask doesn’t look like it’ll hold much liquid, what with all that small space near the seams…

Maybe this one might be more suited to my, er, needs…


What if my backup flask is more valuable, sentimentally speaking?


[quote=“funruly, post:5, topic:48221”]
The next day I returned to find a different person on the door. The doorman had quit the joint. [/quote]
Let’s just hope he didn’t get fired for drinking on job in addition to what he did to that poor jerk.


That’s quite a flask, Elmer. And there are these, but they really could have come up with a better logo.