Get iFlask, the world's first "smart" flask, for over 45% off


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“Hey, why do you always smell like Winston Churchill when you’re on the phone?”


With my iVape, my iPhone and now my iFlask, I can hazily attempt to answer every call three times!




5 oz of my favorite beverage isn’t nearly enough.


if one lost every single one of the umpteen multitools bought in the BB shop


What about a portable power bank? For bonus points, there can be an additional small battery to also be a real power bank. For double points, make even its xray signature look innocent, for cheap boozing up in flight (real batteries and electronics, conformal coating, alcohol in the free space around). For quadruple points, use an alcohol fuel cell, so the vodka can power both you and your phone.


Plus it has Google Maps pre-installed. It will automatically direct you to the nearest AA meeting.


no stupid phone is stealing my vodka.


“Would you like me to dial your… SPONSOR?”


Flasks like this are clever, but if you actually need to smuggle alcohol into an event, the flask isn’t the problem.


I’m a frequent and enthusiastic drinker but I still say that if you need to hide booze, you are an alcoholic.


Sure is. I think the concept is kinda funny, and I have snuck booze into concerts, but you are right. When you lie, hide bottles, rely on a hidden flask etc. it is time to have a very difficult conversation.


It’s screaming at me.


And after you snuck booze into the concert, did you in fact have this difficult conversation?


Or you want to prove to yourself that you are better than a $facility’s security goons.

Or you like a specific kind of alcohol that is rare to find on $events/in $facilities.


If you need to have your favorite special booze at $events/$facilities so badly that you have to smuggle it in, you are a very picky alcoholic.



The event is the problem.


There is also the me-vs-them factor. Will they push their will, and force me to be limited to their approved choices, or will I be clever/well-equipped enough to get what I want?

The best way to make me want something is to tell me that I can’t have it. Ideally from the position of an Authority, even better when self-appointed, that did not deserve my respect.


Wait, so now that my flask looks like a phone, am I going to have to get a phone that looks like a flask?