Flask disguised as baby in carrier


So… the security folks at the sports venue will find and take away your well-hidden flask o’ booze, but they won’t be suspicious about the doll strapped to your chest? Brilliant. Where do I send my cash?


Plus sloppy drunks with babies attached to their chests never attract the attention of the authorities.


You had me at “baby with detachable head”.


I have heard about the alcohol and concession robbery that takes place at the publicly funded stadiums which nonprofit NFL teams play in.
OTOH, buying an alcohol carrier disguised as a baby seems like either an addiction warning sign or a good way to be shot as a suspected suicide bomber.


But MAKING and alcohol carrier disguised as a baby, well…that’s a whole 'nother story. I can see why the kickstarter has not been wildly successful. The Venn Diagram showing the over lap of “people who want this” and the “people who could not make their own” should be pretty small.


I agree. Much better just top take a real baby to the game (borrow one of you don’t have your own), and put some bourbon in a sippy cup. Works great for plane trips too, especially with a pre-mixed White Russian - male TSA agents seem to think the very idea of breast milk is repulsive, and never bother to check it.


In my time as fire/paramedic as well as college I found that dedicated drinker/stoner types rivalled ideas from the best spy novels for ways to smuggle and imbibe in a covert manner.
(edit)Neal Stephenson, in the WW-II story line of the novel Cryptonomicon, says “Ask a Russian engineer to design you a shoe, and he’ll give you something that looks like the box the shoe came in. Ask him to design something that will slaughter Germans, and he turns into Thomas fucking Edison.”
Same applies to stoners.


Helps the kid sleep, too.


It’s always funny until the babies with detachable heads grow up.

This is a huge improvement over his earlier design, which concealed the flask inside an actual baby.



Seems like there are two possibilities here: either you have an unconvincing fake baby that simply draws attention to you or it’s a completely convincing fake baby that alarms people when you rip off its head and start drinking from its neck.


Are these not both fine options?!


Ah yes, Plastic Jesus inspires us all…

If I weave around at night And the police think I'm tight They'll never find my bottle, though they ask Plastic Jesus shelters me For His head comes off, you see He's hollow, and I use Him for a flask

Plastic Jesus, plastic Jesus

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Sometimes the hollowness of religions comes handy.


I think the second option is better, myself.

I just want to see peoples reaction when fake baby’s head falls off because it wasn’t reattached properly.

You know you’ve been baby-wearing your children for too long when your first response to this Kickstarter is, “A sleeping baby, while front-facing? Yeah bloody right.”

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What about, instead of booze, wearing an antiaircraft gun?
“Flak disguised as baby in carrier”…?