Fake tampons for smuggling booze


“5 fake tampons to smuggle your booze and 5 wrappers.” One way to smuggle booze READ THE REST


I bet the absorbency on those leaves something to be desired.


Not much capacity there, really. You’d want to use these for something that packed more entertainment value into the volume. The whole package together would barely hold enough whiskey to get a buzz on.


Stash some hooch in your coo… well, you know.


For $12, you’re better off just buying booze at whatever place you’re trying to smuggle it into.

Or, you can get 60 test tubes on Amazon for $17, but you’ll have to supply your own tampon wrappers.


My coordinating matching handbag?


Yup. Though there are some weird high-potency alcohol-type things that a few of the RC sites sell would make it worth it. Though I wouldn’t advise drinking that shit. Meth’d be better for you.


You caught me, dad. It’s for aaaalcohol.


Insert lazy Bloody Mary joke here


Or perhaps your cooler.


A cooler is hard to smuggle in. This could be mistaken for an unused tampon by any bouncers intrusive enough to look inside purses.


I mean, why not take it a step further and just start butt chugging?


I am not too proud to admit I am afraid to click on that.


Vodka Eyballing sounds so much more fun


You know you’re an alcoholic if…


It wasn’t until I read half the comments that I realized that the product was intended for smuggling outside of the body.


I think you just did.


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