World's worst prank - always positive pregnancy test




Imagine my surprise when I used one to check the oil level in my Volvo.


Volvo Vulva



“World’s worst prank”? I dunno, is it really worse than an always negative pregnancy test? And, I’d say, it is a way more benign prank than fake birth control. :-0


What’s the plan? Buy this and hide it away in case one day someone entrusts you with the responsibility of picking up pregnancy tests for them. Or is it more like “You don’t seem like yourself lately. Maybe you should take a pregnancy test. Hey, I just happen to have some here…”


Are those real, or just something you imagined?


I’m not linking to the online store that sells it because it’s too awful.

Non-click bait?


This is despicable and tasteless. Unless it happens to someone else, then it’s brilliant. :laughing:


Hmmmm… well it would be a good way to scam someone out of money for an abortion.


Ah, that thin line between good prank and sociopathic disregard for someone’s well-being. Thank god people always know where it is.


BoingBoing gets money if you google fake pregnancy test and click the first link.


I hope they are just something I imagined, but, then, I wouldn’t have thought that a fake positive pregnancy test was real, either.

But, as to actual, horrible pranks you can buy? The fake winning lottery ticket, that is pretty low.


This is exactly what I thought.
One night stand, Test, Money. Or worse, target somebody specific, seduce some rich bloke into an affaire & take him for everything he has. Though somebody who’s that sociopathic probably wouldn’t bother and just get preggers for real anyway…


Speaking of which, it reminded me of something much worse.


I think my sense of humour must have gone missing - I’m getting more pleasure from thinking about something really unpleasant happening to the people who make and sell (and buy) these.


Fake birth control might be real:


oil level?


Yes, I’ve seen those for sale. Awful! I like pranks that delight the “victim.”


The best indicator of whether any prank is “good” or not is who is laughing hardest afterward.

Unless the victim is a total asshole who had it coming. Then the more humiliation the better.


It’s like a samurai sword, or a culture of an infectious disease, or large fireworks: safe enough in the hands of an expert.

Highly advanced pranksters have learned how to safely deploy potentially incendiary pranks like this, achieving the desired pranking while avoiding any lasting damage to anyone involved.

Obviously they should be kept behind the counter, and under no circumstances sold to minor pranksters, but as long as records were kept and the purchaser had at least a Class IV Pranking Permit, I think it’d be okay.