This guy makes stickers that look like power outlets to prank air travelers


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Do stickers with USB charging ports cost extra?


Christ, what an asshole.


Yep. You’re stressed, tired and cranky from travel, you finally find a seat in a crowded terminal near an outlet, you unpack some stuff, settle in and feel like you’ll finally get to relax a little while – maybe talk to your spouse on your almost-dead-phone or check email — only to find out you have to pack it all back up and do it all over again?

There’s harmless pranks, and there’s people just being assholes. I definitely file this one is in the second category.


He should go with D-Bro Dave. It’s catchier. And because.


This is in the same category as making fake bathroom signs.


Special place in hell.


Keep an eye out for his upcoming book, “How to Meet Girls and Make Them Hate You”


I do the same thing with stickers that look like defibrillators. It’s hilarious!


It is a harmless prank, but playing pranks on strangers in a public place and filming it for the internet is just being an asshole. Save the pranks for your friends. Either they will appreciate it an laugh with you, or they won’t be your friends any more.

This guy does definitely not deserve for a tired and angry flyer to knock him down, snatch his phone, and smash it to tiny bits – but I am not going to feel sorry for him when that happens.


No, but 3D printing them and fitting a usb killer in it does.


I can’t decide what’s funnier - the prank itself, or all these commenters who have traded their sense of humour for a place on the jetset treadmill.



One could certainly have a nice counter prank by finding a TSA wonk and telling him or her you’ve spotted someone acting suspicious who is opening up and messing with electrical outlets and recording people clandestinely.

Make for a fun video when the cops show up to talk to him extensively.


Ok. I am waiting for the “we stop DBs” group to visit him based on the item posted a few days ago. Because this guy is definitely a DB.

Its not funny.


I think Uber’s found a new CEO!


dick move ≠ funny


Let’s make some stickers that look like walls and pillars, and let’s get this guy!


This would make me laugh in an infuriated manner if I fell victim to it.


And there is actually not a Masturbation Station at ATL.

That is just an Arby’s.


I have been fooled by your stickers O Basic Dave or whatever your name is. You’re a douche.