Watch what happens when man brings accordion on Ryanair flight


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The moment the man starts playing the accordion…

-I think this is my stop! BYE!


Brought tears to my eyes. I f’ing hate accordion music.


That was refreshing!
For the curious, the song is:


Not ´Merrica!!!


Without looking, my guess is a stepdancing competition broke out, and the plane was drained of its little whiskey bottles…


My favorite rendition


I am reminded of an old joke. Someone leaves their car locked in a bad part of town with an accordion in the back seat. He returns to find a broken window and 2 accordions in the back seat.


Now that is MY people in action. Just needed a few pints or some whiskey.


Nice! One more:

Q: What’s the difference between an onion and an accordion?
A: NO ONE cries when you cut up an accordion.

(With all that said, the vid was pretty lovely)


you’ll never guess what happens when i comment on clickbait. what happens next is amazing!



I didn’t see it that way. I saw a person who didn’t speak the language being bullied by the cabin crew because they thought it would be a good joke to if they made him play the accordion. It was clear he didn’t have a choice, whether or not he was comfortable with it. Brings back memories of schoolyard bullies who used to do this to scrawny kids with musical instruments.


I disagree. I see a man who, at first, thinks he is in trouble and upon realizing that they’d like him to play? His face lights up. I don’t think this is a joke, good or bad, but a brief moment of camaraderie shared between people who’s only shared language is that of music.

It is worth noting that nobody is mocking the man, or his accordion, save for HERE. The passengers, clapping and singing along, the musician positively beaming…this (to me) is a good thing.


Contrary to what some commenters have commented, accordion makes everything better.

Plus… Pogues!


Hey, just remember - accordions don’t play Lady of Spain. People do.

(which was a bumper sticker put out by the fabulous Those Darn Accordions of San Francisco)


“Watch what happens when man brings accordion on Ryanair flight”

Live Polka music? The Shmenge Brothers!


Someone should bring bagpipes on a Loganair flight and see if they get same reaction!


With no evidence whatsoever (nor scorn - thought the video was lovely), I believe this is a staged event made for viral purposes.

I am not disappointed for having seen or heard it.


Liking accordion jokes does not mean that you have to dislike accordions.