This guy makes stickers that look like power outlets to prank air travelers

part of me is saying “You DICK!” like Spicoli in Fast Times, and the other part of me is saying “Nice one!” like Wayne & Garth.

i can’t decide who wins… i do agree it’s shitty to be filming and posting people’s reaction on youtube. it’s one thing to watch and smirk and to maybe clue someone else in on it to watch, it’s another thing entirely to post it publicly online. so i guess what i’m saying is, Spicoli wins!


I don’t think people who find pranks un-funny have no sense of humor, but I do think there may be some basic cognitive difference between those who are amused by pranks vs those who aren’t, perhaps related to empathy. I find humor in many places and in many ways, but never in pranks. Or at least I can’t recall any prank that I’ve ever found funny.


I’d be careful, putting up prank stickers sounds like the just the kind of thing TSA would make up a fake rule about and detain you until long after you’d missed your plane.


Horsey Sauce indeed.


I fly for my job, and sometimes I get the worst flight combinations. Sleep dep, combined with bad admin chosen flights, and I can’t imagine thinking this was funny. Hell, a week a go I flew back home after having surgery, and I was in so much pain, and my flight was delayed. I think something like this would have made me want to cry.


i admit I think this is funny.

BUT, nothing is funny in the airport anymore. we’ll be lucky if the airport is safe and functional in the future.


My guess is Douchebag Dave is a white guy, so nothing would happen.


I still can’t tell the difference.

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The best is when 3rd graders attempt to use pranks they just bought. “Smell my flower! Drink from this inconspicuous plastic glass! Have a stick of gum printed in China!”


I think pranks can be funny, but there needs to be a relationship between the two parties that allows it. Pranking strangers at the airport when they’re already stressed? Not really funny. My friends in college moving all the furniture in my room by two inches when I was reading House of Leaves? Funny, or at least I thought so.


I find pranks that put people in outrageous situations to be funny when you see how far along with it they go before they catch on (if they ever do.)

I don’t see the humour in “HAHA! That thing that looks just like an electric socket? You thought it was an electric socket! HAHA!”

If it were someone’s house, MAYBE it would be funny, but not at an airport where people are often already stressed out.


This is so my siblings sense of humor. I’ve lost track of him because he’s rarely funny, often quite the opposite. Imagine mixing a serious pride in, and sense of personal responsibility for, other peoples frustration - with a six sigma black belt. Also, his name is dave, and he travels.

I think this is funny, once. Making a pack of these stickers so you can work other people up wherever you go is a low and cold burning expression of sociopathy afaiac.

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How I larfed when I encountered that faux-ripcord sticker on my parachute.


So was “Just Asshole Dave” already taken for a user name?


Expensive at $7.94 with shipping.

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shout out to Joog squad, whose idea dave ripped off.

you can also buy his stickers for 2 for $1 instead of $8 each like linked.


Came here to say this. Leaving satisfied.


classic dave


If you find that “funny” is “people being inconvenienced” then airports must be hilarious for you even without the fake outlet stickers.

In all honestly, I get why this might seem funny. The fake sticker concept is clever and amusing in the abstract. In the reality though, the people who fall for it are not going to be amused. They’re going to be exasperated and annoyed. And when people travel by air, they’re already miserable.

That’s why people don’t find it funny. Because they’ve considered the actual human cost of this. It’s humor that comes at the expense of other people. It’s a minor expense I fully admit, but you’re still getting your kicks from annoying strangers for no reason.


Used to fly twice a week for work. Gotta admit, yes, there were times where this would have really come close to pushing me over the edge. Like that time I was stuck driving distance from home for close to two days, and a convention had taken up all the hotels and car rentals.

But still, it is a good prank. :slight_smile:

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