Homemade Go-Kart Suitcase: hated by airports, hilarious on the YouTube

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Let’s presume this doesn’t spawn a sub-theme set of videos: Potentially dangerous items we got through the TSA. (“hey, like every laptop battery …so, yeah”)


Maybe it’s just my melanin showing, but that seems like a good way to get on the enhanced screening forever list.


Driving a vehicle as fast as you can through a crowded airport is kind of sociopathic.
It’s like the human beings in the way are just video game characters.


And having gotten away with it, in a stunning move of genius, he puts the evidence up on Youtube…






I’m hoping it’s not a lithium battery. Is he aware that lithium ion batteries used for e bikes and scooters have a history of catching fire?
Dude bro can risk his own life for his videos, but damn him for taking a potential fire bomb into airports and onto planes, endangering others.


Dude does not care at all for the safety of others.


I’m less horrified by what he did (because, let’s be real, somebody could have gotten really hurt), but more horrified/amused that the TSA blithely passed an item that, I would guess, looks hella suspicious getting X-rayed. What a colossal waste of money (the TSA, that is). Then again, as we know, he probably could have made the entire thing out of guns and gotten it through on most days.


I really hated the guy’s whole vibe. But the idea of a carry on bag that I could ride through the airport sounds delightful.

I saw someone (not a local) with a commercial version of this the other day sedately motoring round a shopping mall in Osaka looking at the food court maps. She had a small ride-on one, and was steering a massive (I’m guessing 28") 4 wheel suitcase along with her.

Tourons, amirite???!

Plenty of people have issues with mobility. Using a motorized device to navigate public spaces allows them to live better lives.

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Oh, I totally agree on that - but the device she was using was very much a gimmicky suitcase crossed with motorised Razer scooter. And she seemed to have no issues hopping off and walking over to look at some of the restaurants. Maybe I’m mistaken but it didn’t seem like an accessibility issue.

Meanwhile the bro in this video can head to the nearest no fly list as fast as he can ride that thing.

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